There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting. Buddha


Temple Name

The full name of the temple Wat Koh Tao is: Wat Koh Charoen Santi Dhamma

History of the Temple

1977, the thai buddhist monk named Ajhan Saung came to the island to the monastic resident. At that time, there was no temple on Koh Tao. During his stay, he constructed the pavilion for several activities of a monk. He stayed here for the rest of his life.

2006, Ajhan Saung passed away, and Ajhan Wanna who has been a follower of Ajhan Saung takes inofficially the position of representative of the master of monastic resident.

2009, Ajhan Wanna became officially the representative of the master of monastic resident.

2013, the significant event is that the monastic resident was allowed by Sangha of Thailand as official thai temple and Ajhan Wanna has obtained The Position of Master of Temple officially. After the monastic resident became a temple, the temple has the project to make the ordination hall.

The temple today

This monaster has the private activity of a monk about instructing knowleadge of buddhism, both studies and practical aspects of spiritual life. For westerner and for everyone who is interested in buddhism. This monk is Ajhan james, international buddhist missionary monk of Thailand.
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